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AST Fuel Systems

AST Fuel Systems
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Our Portable Storage Tanks and Fueling Systems are custom designed as a self-contained, turnkey system that can be up and running in less then two days. All tanks are double-wall, fire-resistant and meet NFPA 30/30A and UFC requirements. Both single wall and double wall UL-142 and UL-2085 tanks are available. These systems come with many options and patent protected features. You can also choose from many quality pump dispensers, card readers and fuel tank monitoring options. Financing options are available. Please click here for a complete list of Features and Benefits.

By combining our Portable Fueling System and purchasing Bulk Fuel (versus fuel cards) from EZ Fuel you will immediately save $.07 to $.14 per gallon. When you multiply these savings times your volume usage you will easily realize a savings of tens of thousands of dollars - year after year after year! The average Return On Investment (ROI) could be less than twelve months! To calculate your company’s actual savings and Return On Investment please visit our Savings Matrix page.


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