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AST Fuel SystemsThere are many Advantages of an Aboveground Storage Tank (AST) versus an Underground Storage Tank (UST). Before you make this very important decision consider the following:

  • INSTALLATION COSTS - Both the AST equipment and installation costs will be much less than the cost of a UST.
  • DEPRECIATION - Real estate with underground tanks will depreciate in value due to the threat of contamination, whereas land values with aboveground tanks will remain constant or appreciate with the normal trends.
  • SOIL SAMPLES - Expensive soil samples are not required when selling property with an aboveground system.
  • SOIL CONTAMINATION - No risk of contamination or expensive remediation with AST's
  • VISUAL INSPECTIONS - Easier to inspect and respond to leaks or problems.
  • HIGH RESALE VALUE - Our systems retain a high resale value if there is the need to relocate and sell the unit.
  • TAX CONSEQUENCES - With our portable system it is considered personal property and is taxed accordingly.
  • FINANCING - AST's are easier to finance than UST's because lending institutions are less apt to re-coop their loses in case of default.
  • NO UST SUPERFUND COSTS - You will not have to pay into the Federal UST Superfund account when you own an Aboveground Storage System.
  • PORTABLE – The obvious advantage to the AST.