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Bulk Fuel

Bulk Fuel

EZ Fuel & Tank Solutions is the only nationwide equipment supplier who can sell fuel in bulk. This very important fact means that we will be able to show you the exact wholesale fuel costs you will pay with one of our AST fueling systems so you can compare with your present fuel supplier. This will confirm exactly how much you will save per gallon, per day and per year.

Our nationwide supply network provides competitively priced fuel coast to coast. We can also recommend a formal, pro-active fuel management program with fixed pricing that will help reduce your volatile pricing spikes, budget fuel costs more accurately and improve your company profits.

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We can supply EZ Fuel products in most major markets of the country.

We can make arrangements to test the fuel in your tank (for NO CHARGE) the recommend the proper additive that will increase lubricity, prevent cold weather gelling or eliminate bacteria and fungi. All of our products will help clean fuel injectors as well.